The month of February typically revolves around showering your family and friends with love, flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, however the month of February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month! Our team of dental professionals encourages you to as a parent, to take extra care of your child’s oral health this month by following these helpful tips:

Tip #1: Schedule Regular Appointments

The more often your child visits the dentists the more comfortable they will become each time they come, which creates a great lifelong relationship with your dental care team and your oral health. Regular dental hygiene care and examinations are important for prevention of disease. It is important that you reserve dental appointments for everyone in your family every 6 months (or more frequently based on your specific oral health care needs).

Tip #2 : Buy a New Toothbrush

It’s recommended by dental health professionals to change out toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months. Well worn bristles simply do not clean your teeth as well and can cause irritations to your gums. Kids often get excited about picking out new toothbrushes — we have a selection for them at the office for their regular appointments — next time you venture to the store for new toothbrushes, consider taking your child to pick out their new toothbrush!

Tip #3 : Don’t Forget To Floss

Flossing is not a step that should be skipped in your oral health routines. It is very important to teach your child early on that they should be flossing at least once a day. The bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay lingers between the teeth, and that’s why it’s so important to floss. Educate your child about flossing, and start young to foster good habits in the future.

Tip #4 : Help Your Child See the Fun in Brushing

Sometimes, it’s not easy for children to understand the importance of brushing their teeth, especially if they can’t see the bacteria, or the “sugar bugs” themselves. Make brushing a fun experience by purchasing a plaque-disclosing product. Use them, then take a look in the mirror together after brushing — this will show the areas in the child’s mouth that were not brushed as well, and explain what plaque is and what it does to the teeth. Visuals can do wonders!

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