Are you like us and ready for the warmer weather and sunshine? Make sure your teeth are ready to shine too by completing your biannual dental health visit! Our team of dental professionals have put together three reasons why you should pre-reserve your next dental visit today! 

Be Proactive With Your Oral Health 

You can avoid costly dental care, serious oral problems and health issues by completing regular dental visits. Drs. John & Sharon Koncan and our team are able to care for issues that you might not see, or even feel. For example, one of the things our team looks for in exams are gum issues that might lead to tooth or bone loss if left untreated. By catching problems such as this early on, our dentists can keep your smile beautiful, using less invasive treatment. 

See Underneath The Surface With Dental X-rays

With dental X-rays, our team is able to see concerns that you can’t spot with your naked eye. X-rays help our dentists identify tooth decay in hard to reach places, such as in-between your teeth. Like other oral issues, the earlier the decay is spotted, the better it is for your teeth. With the advancements in x-ray technology, the amount of radiation for dental x-rays is quite low, therefore they  are safe and important tools that our team uses to help make sure your smile is healthy.

Professional Dental Health Cleaning 

During your dental visit, our team will make sure that you leave with a healthier smile! Removing the bacteria that build up below your gums helps improve the health of your mouth and your body; if you have inflammation in your mouth it is a direct connection with your immune system. With the use of ultrasonic and hand instruments, we are able to flush out the bad stuff, polish away minor stains on your teeth, and in some cases fluoride is applied to prevent tooth decay. No matter what shape your teeth are in, everyone’s health can benefit from a professional cleaning to get their mouth feeling and looking great.

Brighten Your Smile at Our Huntsville Dental Office!

If you’re ready to take control of your oral health and hygiene, make sure to reserve your 2021 dental appointments! Drs. John and Sharon Koncan at Sunrise Centre Dental are excited to evaluate your oral health, and help you take care of your mouth and your health!  

New and existing patients can fill out our contact form or give us a call at 705-789-2369. We’d also be happy to speak with you about our many services such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns and more!