It can be easy to over-indulge in many things during the holiday season, after all, everywhere you look there are many sweet treats, indulgent meals, festive cocktails and endless cups of hot cocoa! However, if you indulge in too many of these treats, your oral health could suffer! It’s vital to remain mindful of your health and lifestyle choices during the holidays. Our team of dental professionals have put together a few tips to help you do just that.
Limit Your Sweets Throughout the Day
An abundance of sugary treats, often given as gifts, are incredibly tempting for kids and adults alike. Munching on sweets and washing them down with sugary beverages between your meals constantly bathes your teeth in your sugary saliva. If you are going to have some treats, try to avoid the sticky variety and to have them along with a meal.
Substitute for Healthy Options
When planning your holiday menu, whether you are making a traditional holiday dinner or switching it up for the 2020 holiday season, ensure you are providing plenty of healthier options. There are many recipe twists for some of our family favourite recipes. You may want to indulge in festive beverages, within moderation of course, you should also ensure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This will help balance the sugar in your saliva as well as keep you hydrated.
When it comes to gifting and filling stockings for others, limit the sweet treats and opt instead for fresh fruit like oranges and apples, small toys, and other non-food items. That way, you limit the temptation and encourage healthier eating behaviours for others as well.
Brush and Floss Regularly
Avoiding all of the temptations isn’t easy, and we expect you to indulge a little bit — it is the holiday season after all. Caring for your great oral health is about more than limiting your sugar intake, it’s also about providing proper oral hygiene. Doing your part at home with regular brushing, flossing and healthy lifestyle decisions.
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