Normally wisdom teeth, your 3rd set of molars, begin to erupt around the age of 17. Your wisdom teeth aren’t something to overlook, around this age is the ideal time to have your wisdom teeth removed if that is necessary treatment as both the surgery and recovery can be more predictable. If you are aware of a dull pain or an awareness of pressure, this could be a sign that your wisdom teeth are beginning to erupt. At Sunrise Centre Dental, we can determine the next steps — whether routine treatment, sedation options or a referral for general anaesthesia. Feel confident knowing those back molars are going to be taken care of.


Do You Feel Discomfort Or Pressure?

As your wisdom teeth come in, you may start to feel discomfort or pressure in your mouth and jaw. The discomfort level is dependent on how your wisdom teeth are growing in, and how much space your jaw has to accommodate them. If your wisdom teeth grow in horizontally, or are unable to erupt through the bone because they are stuck, that is referred to as impacted wisdom teeth. Untreated impacted wisdom teeth can do serious harm to your surrounding teeth. If your wisdom teeth start growing against your permanent back molars, or the gum is partially over the biting surface of the teeth this can cause gum discomfort, and even infection. 


What Can You Do?

Wisdom teeth will always require a special panoramic x-ray for a a proper diagnosis. X-rays are essential in determining where and how your wisdom teeth are growing, and if they will become a future problem. If you feel pain in your jaw, notice shifting in your teeth, or can start to see your wisdom teeth poke through your gum line, it’s time to give us a call!

While you wait for an appointment, over the counter pain relief medication works best. If untreated, wisdom teeth and your symptoms can worsen over time.


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